Analogue recording studio with professional mastering in Ratho, Edinburgh

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Anvil Studio
20A Baird Road
Ratho EH28 8RA
P: +44 (0)131 335 3593

Normal studio hours:
10am - 6pm Mon - Fri
9:30am-7pm Saturday
Contact Anvil Studio
Contact Anvil Studio


Edinburgh all-analogue pro recording

Analogue recording studio in Edinburgh

If you love the warmth & clarity of analogue tape you're looking at the right studio - whether it's bluegrass or punk rock, we can get you the right tone (CD mastering is included during your session at no extra cost)

- a typical full-band making a GIG-CD
click >> here <<  (c) 2017 an original song by the band Cousin Kenny
click >> here <<  (c) 1978 song by The RAMONES / (p) 2017 played by Ramonamaniacs
click >> here <<   cover of a 1970 Song by Free / (p) 2016 played by The Kicks

- to hear a voice-over from a talented 14 your-old with a backing-track:
click >> here <<   (c) 2017 cover of a James Arthur's "Sun Comes Up"


Here's an example of a great recording made in a home-studio (c) 2017 Black Cat Theory the recording is well mixed but mastering here added a WIDER sound and some helpful BRIGHTNESS & CLARITY:

Listen to the original studio recording
and listen to it mastered (note the MASSIVE-SOUNDING-VOCAL & GUITAR half way into the clip)

  all clips are best checked out on a full-range system or headphones


After you record your songs at this studio mastering is included for the CD you take away, to help give it that 'big' sound and compare well next to a similar commercial CD