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Anvil Studio
20A Baird Road
Ratho EH28 8RA
P: +44 (0)131 335 3593

Normal studio hours:
10am - 6pm  -  7 days
Contact Anvil Studio

Contact Anvil Studio

Demo quiet/dull? - you need Mastering

Getting your recording mastered can take a well-mixed demo right up to release quality, as the mastering engineer carefully aligns the overall frequency response, loudness and general impact of your mix with the desired sound of a commercial release of that genre, meaning it will then sound good on anything from an iPod to a four-figure priced hi-fi

This can actually save you money, because mastering what you already have is typically cheaper than going back into a recording studio
Why Mastering? - a mastering engineer will be able to offer a fresh set of ears, much specialised equipment & experience and several of sets of speakers to try out your mix on, rather than just one set of studio monitors. Have you ever come across the scenario where your mix sounds ok in a studio but then when you get back you find the final CD sounds very quiet or with a poor balance of bass & treble on your home stereo? - this is where mastering is ideal as a cheaper alternative to going back into a full studio session, from around only £30 per track - see below

1) Here's an example of a great heavy metal recording from the home-studio of Black Cat Theory that is well mixed but mastering brings a WIDER sound and some helpful BRIGHTNESS & CLARITY:

Listen to the original studio recording
and listen to it mastered (note the MASSIVE-SOUNDING-VOCAL & GUITAR half way into the clip)

2) Here's an example of a nicely done studio recording from a rock band that were called Lionheart - song (c) 1997 Ed Henry / its really well mixed but mastering it here gave it more punch & detail, particularly noticeable on the kick-drum & synth:

Listen to the original studio recording
and listen to it mastered (note the wide, super-detailed synth and particularly 'meaty' 2nd-half)

3) Here's an example of a basic home-made recording of a talented artist called Vou Vou Wyld where the original 'small'-sounding mono piano recording really benefits from mastering:

Listen to the original home recording
and listen to it mastered
mastering adds the fullness requested by the artist, brings out the detail and provides a much bigger stereo soundstage (in this particular case to liven-up the very flat home-audio, adding some reverb helped)

(the above clips are best compared on a full-range stereo system or headphones)

Need to re-master an old cassette / transfer to CD? - we have a Nakamichi machine and will get the best possible sound from your cassette by setting up the correct 'bias' (Normal/Chrome/Metal - Type 1/2/3) and then use the bias-fine-tune control (pictured) to get the best overall tone. Also we can figure out whether your cassette was originally coded with Dolby B or C (or none) judging by what settings sound right and overall, get the best possible sound from your cassette before mastering the output

Single Speed CD Mastering

What do you get back?
- a 320KBps MP3 for each track, correctly tagged to help protect your copyright
- downloadable 16-bit/44.1KHz master(s) that can be used for CDs or
- optional single-speed-mastered CD, ideal for reliable duplication (see below)

To get your material to us you can visit the studio, post your material on CD (or DAT/Cassette), email high-quality 320KBps MP3s, or provide a download-link from OneDrive/DropBox
NOTE: there is no restriction on how long overall an album-mastering project can take but for individual batches of songs, when submitting a few at a time for a bulk-price deal, the batch of songs must have all been received within a FOUR WEEK period - this is helpful to enable more exact consistency of your masters, by ideally doing each batch of songs in a continuous run
You can pay on the day for attended mastering, or by Credit/Debit card
(to pay by card and avoid PayPal, just select the option to pay with a card after clicking the Buy button below)

Select how many song(s) for mastering:
What's the main audio problem?
Artist/Band email address:

For a full album - you get a disc mastered at single/play-speed on the machine below:
- Manual control of track-markers (eg: to shorten gaps following long fade-endings)
- Physical control of final gain level, to ensure the identical highest level on all tracks
- Get a guaranteed glitch-free CD made at 1x speed (as opposed to 24x etc on a PC)
- Highest quality audio-optimised media (pictured), ideal as a reliable duplication-disc

Single Speed CD Mastering

Single Speed CD Mastering


Problems we can fix when mastering include: quietness / dullness / boom / harshness / poor frequency balance / too much vocal-sibilance (over-prominent 'S' & 'T' sounds)