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Have you ever come across a scenario where your mix sounds good in your home-studio or a even a paid studio session, but when tried on different systems elsewhere you find the final mix sounds very 'small' or has a poor balance of bass & treble? - this is where mastering is ideal as a cheaper alternative to going back into a full studio session.

Here's an example of an adequate recording from another studio that was released on a compliation album in 2013. The drummer asked for it to be remastered here in 2018 because the drums, in particular, lacked clarity.

When heard on a full-range system or good headphones, you should hear the following improvements:

- A much ‘bigger’ wider sound (very noticeable on the stereo synth in 2nd half of the clip)
- Both the cowbell and the drum-fill are much clearer
- Deep and clear tone on the bass, most noticeable from halfway through the clip

So whether you only have a demo or a decent studio recording, mastering your final mix here can help you achieve a wider sound, better tone and some helpful brightness & clarity.

To compare : listen to the original studio recording, then listen to it mastered

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