Analogue recording studio with professional mastering in Ratho, Edinburgh

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Anvil Studio
20A Baird Road
Ratho EH28 8RA
P: +44 (0)131 335 3593

Normal studio hours:
10am - 6pm Mon - Fri
9:30am-7pm Saturday
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Contact Anvil Studio

Anvil Studio Edinburgh - Reviews



Here are some testimonials from artists who have done work here at the studio, with links to their profiles etc





"It sounded so huge, I thought I was under attack!" was the initial feedback from Black Cat Theory after mastering their 'Primal Hyms' album. They subsequently uploaded a Facebook review with "I've known studios to ask 3 times this much for a flatter, duller output. Super-loud, super crisp, super aggressive result. Very impressed"
Stuart CM Bell - guitar player, vocalist & producer of Black Cat Theory
- Soundcloud: Black Cat Theory
- here's a >> clip << from the above mastering session recorded here

"As a professional drummer I have been in numerous studios throughout the UK and Anvil Recording Studio in Edinburgh is hands down my favourite. In my time there I don't actually remember ever needing to do a sound check, I just sat down at the kit and played and everything sounded perfect, BOOM, take done! I have never had that, anywhere! With a fantastic house kit all recorded using the warmth of analogue you have all the ingredients to capture a great recording in a nice comfortable environment and all polished off with the studio engineer's great mastering skills. Highly recommended!"
Denis Lynch - session drummer
- here's a >> clip << of a session recorded here (now on Youtube with some additional clips)

"My band at the time - A Few Good Men - were in need of recording a high quality demo in order to approach agencies with an example of our 'sound'. We booked Anvil Studios in late November 2014 - a major attraction in using the studio was the ability to record to analogue tape and to capture actual live performances as opposed to multi-tracking parts (although this is possible if required). Terry the owner let us hear a quick mix through the main studio speakers and we were all immediately impressed and excited by the excellent sound. I remember thinking "I didn't think we were that good!". The whole band agreed the songs sounded fantastic and good to go - if you want to record your music in a stress free, fun and highly professional environment, I can't recommend Anvil Studios highly enough."
David Rodger - guitar player & singer
- website:
- here's a >> clip << from the above session recorded here

"Terry brings a wealth of skill and knowledge to the studio. Preserved the emotion of the recording and brought a warmth and clarity to the track that was beyond what I expected. He is great to bounce ideas off and understood exactly what I was aiming for. He has great insight into the end result (ie CD/MP3 track) and what is required at each step of recording to maintain the original high sound quality. Well worth checking out"
Vou Vou Wyld - songwriter
- here's his song >> "Christmas Love" << recorded here and released on CD baby


We can accommodate collaboration projects where you create most of the backing in a home-studio and use our facilities to just add a great vocal, any other over-dubs and get a great mix-down