Analogue recording studio with professional mastering in Ratho, Edinburgh

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Anvil Studio
20A Baird Road
Ratho EH28 8RA
P: +44 (0)131 335 3593

Normal studio hours:
10am - 6pm  -  7 days
Contact Anvil Studio

Contact Anvil Studio

Spacious studio with natural daylight

Our comfortable studio has plenty of natural daylight and is in a relaxing rural but well-connected location
The studio also benefits from on-site mastering, which is included at the end of your session so you take away a CD that will sound good on any system and be suitable as a master-disc for mass production - (we also supply handy runs of 100 on-body printed CDs to sell at gigs)

The studio has a substantial live recording area, a vocal booth, a drum booth, bathroom facilities and a separate kitchen plus FREE tea & coffee all day and FREE Wi-Fi

Recording studio equipment includes a sweet-sounding Fostex multi-track tape machine, a great-sounding Allen & Heath analogue mixing desk, accurate monitoring with Adam Audio monitors and well-calibrated additional sub-bass monitoring, to get the bass-end just right on your mix and a couple of Lexicon dual-layered effects units to give you a great combination of high-quality effects to use on your material at mix-down where needed to add that 'big studio' sound - the in-house engineer is a well-seasoned musician and is included at no extra cost in the prices quoted

Aswell as the Pearl Masters live drum kit with DW Accelerator double pedal and Roland HP-737 grand piano, we have a punchy-sounding 5-string bass, a Nord Electro 4 keyboard for Hammond-style rock/blues soulful organ, a Roland Juno for additional keyboard sounds, some great mics including a Neumann for sweet-sounding acoustic guitar etc, a large AKG valve-mic for big & clear vocals, aided by a 'de-harshing' pre-amp to remove sibilance but keep the detail, TLA-Audio valve-based mastering with great timing for subtle mastering-compression that doesn't 'squash' your mix, an Ashdown mag-300W bass-amp and three Marshall amps: one vintage all-valve-based with the usual warmth you'd expect, another (MG50dfx) with a great clean or crunch sound and a 'Valvestate' VS100 with secondary overdrive channels for mega-crunch-metal

Knowing that most people will expect the end result to compare fairly well to a similar commercial CD, we include mastering as part of our service at no extra charge so your mastered mix with have whatever clarity/punch/brightness/width/loudness sounds right for your material (Our mastering process does not use software plug-ins and final tone-balance & limiting is done with classic 80s analogue hardware to avoid the dullness or squashed dynamics often associated with using only plug-ins)

We have some session musicians that are hired for sessions here typically from around £50 (currently for drums, bass, guitar, piano, flute, and even bagpipes)


We can accommodate collaboration projects where you create most of the backing in a home-studio and use our facilities to just add a great vocal, any other over-dubs and get a great mix-down