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    Live Recording Studio

Recording Studio - Edinburgh

We have an all-analogue recording and mixdown process for a warm, authentic sound, starting with a 1980s tape machine, a 24-channel Allen & Heath mixing desk and an array of lush valve equipment & microphones. After mixdown, your material will then benefit from our in-house mastering for you to be able to take away a well-mastered CD.

The studio has a capable and experienced engineer, spacious live recording area, a vocal booth with a classic valve Telefuken microphone, a Pearl Masters Custom drum kit, an electric-grand piano, fabulous Nord Electro keyboard, valve-Marshall amplifiers, Ashdown bass-rig, full rack of valve-based hardware/1176 compressor/limiters/hardware-EQs & effects, bathroom facilities and a separate kitchen, plus complimentary tea, coffee and Wi-Fi.

Why Analogue? - analogue tape gives a very natural, full and flattering sound to music of all genres, as heard on many great albums and analogue valve equipment has massive headroom to easily handle peaks with a more musical and lush sound-signature than processing everything with software plug-ins.

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